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Cake glazed cheese curd.
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"History of the RHEON KN 170  in Russia."

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Глазированные сырки
Глазированные сырки
Глазированные сырки

First part.

From the book "Bulletin of History," volume 3, chapter 2. (Not to be confused with the "Historical Herald")

Let's return to history. Let's remember the end of the 1990th years. Year so 1997 or 1998. Definitely I don't remember. It will be necessary to specify.
Творожный глазированный сырок
Изготовление сырков на Rheon KN 170
Глазированные сырки Rheon KN 170

Bakery No. 18. Moscow. At that time there Yury Ivanovich Kalashnikov worked as the Chief engineer. We were familiar with it on the 15th bakery. For several years before, we at that plant established dosing stations. And somehow once, Yury Ivanovich speaks to me - the plant purchased the Japanese confectionery device here. On following weeks there will arrive a Japanese, to turn on this device and to train. Well. The Japanese arrived, included, told, showed, and left. Technologists wrote down in a notebook of his word, and began to purchase the additional equipment without which this device doesn't work. To include, show, to manually knead a little dough - it is possible. And on production a cycle it is necessary to leave the equipment.

There was 1998. May. Here as that Yury Ivanovich appeals to me, I wouldn't help with the new device. Something is impossible to employees of bakery. And the device was the RHEON KN 400 models.

Took the description, studied. Began to work with technologists gradually. Also it began to turn out. Cookies with stuffing.
Хлебозавод № 18 Rheon KN 400
Cookies turned out in the form of a dome and called it "droplet". A lot of time had to be spent on technology. It turns out, it is impossible. I in poshnik was given two Peteueshek. Not, Vocational students. Or how correctly in Russian? Well than two young girls. I speak to them - until I come to the shop, don't knead dough. As that I come - and dough is already mixed. Those cookies smooth, next day not smooth. I will long not part - and at girls the working day began at 7:00, and I came by 9:00. Well young people, appetite, and a part of eggs which it is necessary on a compounding were fried in FTL-2 oven early in the morning. By the way, absolutely widespread practice on bakeries. And in tunnel oven it becomes so. The baking sheet with high boards undertakes, water is poured in it, in water 2 - 3 tens eggs are put - for free and put on a hearth grid. In half an hour, the baking sheet creeps out of the oven with eggs, ready to the use. Great!
Печенье Rheon KN 400
Печенье Rheon KN 400
Печенье Rheon KN 400
Печенье Rheon KN 400

Somehow on a bread-baking complex of "PEKO", at the beginning of 2000, I showed production of the Russian bread to Professor from Indiana Ronald Feldstein. Photo on the right. He is professor of linguistics, but in technology of bread, confectionaries rummaged perfectly. We come into the shop of oriental sweets - it right there looks at a product and speaks - kurabie. And right there tells features of technology. Well and so, we go down on the first floor where a tunnel oven in which roll with poppy, well and any small things is baked. We stand at a oven exit, we look as there are rolls. And here rolls come to an end, and from an oven there are two trays with eggs in the boiling water. Ronald with astonishment: - "And it that for technological process?" - I laugh - and I tell it; "Bakers - very much want to eat".
Having followed the link http://www.indiana.edu/~pollang/papers.htm you can read Ronald Feldstein's works about Russian. However, in English.
Ronald Feldstein
I was taken on the 18th bakery with the device RHEON KN 400 several months, have well studied, did some completions. Has generally gained good experience. The photoreport on this period is laid out on the separate page.

Autumn came. The companion who sold RHEON KN 400 on the 18th bakery Sergey Ivanovich, asked to help their firm with this device on the Kolomna milk recombining plant where this device was planned to be used for production of glazed cheese curds with a stuffing. Several times I came to this plant. Well I remember - when made the first batch of cake glazed cheese curds on the device RHEON KN 400, it were glazed cheese curds of magnificent quality from natural raw materials. But it was long ago. Truth!

And the next year, is closer again to fall, Sergey Ivanovich, calls, and offers work on start of the line of glazed cheese curds, but only as the shaper other Rheon, less, Rheon KN 170 model will be used.

Autumn came. The equipment purchased: the glazirovochny line of KIST from Dresden - very reliable equipment, the device Rheon KN 170, the packer of Hemosvit from Slovakia. Jan Kostrosh then was their representative in Moscow.

And, has forgotten to tell that it was at the Kaluga dairy plant. In the city of Kaluga. The equipment was placed in the cottage cheese shop where it was quite cool. The plant then was any well-groomed. As that was necessary to stay overnight, the line round the clock worked. Was arranged to sleep on chairs, in laboratory. Has shifted in a row, and has taken a nap. Has woken up from some noise. Yo-mine - and on a floor fat rats ran. I when began to get up - they have run up. Something farther there was no wish to sleep and I have gone to the shop.

At this plant I started the first line of production of cake glazed cheese curds. As it occurred. At first made several trial releases of glazed cheese curds, with a break in several days. Then after execution of all documents and receipt of a packaging film got to daily work. The working day began with instructing which I carried out in laboratory. All crew gathered. I told who that I as shall do. Once again spoke about curd cake weight without glaze and in glaze who where costs. Minutes 20 occupied instructing. Well almost like on occupations in technical school. My experience of pedagogical activities in the Moscow hydrometeorological technical school very much was useful to me when training staff of Milk recombining plant of a new labor activity. After instructing completion, I announced the 15th minute break, and after a break all got up on the workplaces.  "Went!" also began to work.
Kaluga dairy plant.
Photo of employees and technological process.

Калужский молочный завод

And in technical school I taught the subject "Meteorological Radar Stations" (in use at students briefly hereinafter was referred to as "Stations") - practically the same as the extrusive device Rheon KN 170, of course the Japanese device will be simpler. But same all nodes. In system of the drive of the antenna magnetic amplifiers who managed rotation of electric motors of the drive of the antenna, and in the extrusive device for control of engines of giving of a stuffing - frequency converters were used. I always spoke to the students - will know stations - will cope with any equipment. And here somehow was in a business trip in Leningrad, and at the Moscow station there is a bookstore where old books, at very modest price are on sale. I come into this shop before withdrawal of the train, before departure still was hour one and a half, and I look - the book on that radar station which I studied in stay by the student of the Moscow meteorological technical school lies, and then being a teacher of the same technical school, taught pupils the same Radar station. The price is 50 rubles. Of course took. For memory. As there - the Alma Mater! And here somehow looked for something on the Internet, and came across a management of the American Radar station in the most excellent Russian, release of 1943 which was delivered during the Great Patriotic War in the USSR. It is already similar to those stations that I taught in technical school.
Something aside I deviated from a subject of cake glazed cheese curds.

Here at the Kaluga dairy plant I was also engaged in modernization of the device Rheon KN 170, for the purpose of increase in speed of production of curd cakes.

The matter is that the device Rheon KN 40 performance had 60 curd cakes weighing 400 grams a minute, and at the device Rheon KN 170 only of 30 glazed cheese curds a minute. It is final insufficiently. And curd cakes went on sale well. They were called "Rainbow". As a matter of fact, production on the Kaluga milk recombining plant inspire former employees of the Kolomna milk recombining plant. These workers looked that this case profitable, reliable, especially they were engaged on the Kolomna milk recombining plant in implementation of cake glazed cheese curds. In general so traditional way - is called "budding". People clever in business, hire the engineer and the technologist, buy the equipment - and begin to make products. And in a case with the Kaluga milk recombining plant. Normal you razvit the industries.

So I spoke about productivity there. By November 7, you remember there was such holiday "Day of the Great October Revolution", and in literature of the 20th years this action modestly was called as the October Revolution, way of small alterations in the scheme of management and reprogramming of electronics I have achieved increase in productivity of the device RHEON KN 170 up to 45 glazed cheese curds in a minute.

Sergey Skorokhodov and Pavel Bulgakov, heads of Molokoinvest happy rubbed hands. After small calculations in the head they ask me - and it is possible more? It is possible. I have made the small scheme of management, have put in the red case from under the radiometer from from Institute of the Nondestructive testing. Has fastened an insulating tape to the control panel. Has included - productivity became 60 curd cakes a minute. Pavel with Sergey ask - and it is possible more? It is possible, but it is necessary to buy two details. Give money.
Модернизация Rheon KN 170
Two details are a new frequency pereobrazovatel and the new motor - a reducer. It was necessary to strengthen the new motor reducer still. At first, for an experiment, I have used a regular flange. But he was too weak. At the aircraft repair plant to me have made a new flange of a stainless steel. It was necessary to drill only in the place openings in the right places. At the plant there was a small mechanical shop and the chief mechanical engineer. Has forgotten as he was called. Peculiar companion. It then.
Разгон Rheon KN 170
Увеличение производительности Rheon KN 170

And that day it was necessary to drill a stainless steel. The drill was greased with fat which the chief mechanical engineer had on having a snack. At last something by the detachable machine was undercut, something on the lathe was removed. Delivered on Rheon, strengthened the engine and drove. 90 pieces a minute. Process went as our First President used to say. Сало
With small interruptions but the line has earned. Packer of BH-4 of firm of Hemosvit. Men from Slovakia several times came. Frantisek and Zdenek. There is their photo. To our padded jackets they have got used by then. On a photo the moment of a call to Slovakia is imprinted. Some problems with our packer:
Хемосвит упаковщик
Хемосвит упаковщик

Хемосвит Словакия Упаковщик
Only began to make curd cakes for delivery to retail chain stores as the fax from the Northern Milk company in which it is said that the patent for curd cakes with a stuffing belongs to "Northern milk" comes to office, and "Northern milk" requires immediately to stop production. But owners of Molokoinvest, took out the patent for curd cakes with a stuffing too in advance. So in the response fax number of the patent was specified to "Northern milk". In general about patents it is possible to write the whole novel. In the mid-nineties, when I worked at Bakery No. 6, the cost of the patent was 600 - 800 dollars. You pay this amount to the corresponding patent agent - and the patent at you in a pocket. I with these patents had a funny situation. In the early nineties, when I worked at Bakery No. 12, I implemented the dosing station where as the dosing element the turbine sensor of an expense was used in production. No novelty in it existed. Routine engineering work. Then I passed to Bakery No. 6, and there also according to my offer almost just the same dosing station was made. Employees of Bakery No. 12 Shestakov, Zelensky, Averyanov arranged to themselves the patent for the dosing station, well and as usual there didn't include this author. And on Bakery No. 6 too the Chief Engineer Orlov and Lapin took out the patent for just the same station.And there comes to Bakery No. 6 to the Management companion V. Zelensky. Conversation on dosing stations. A door in Lapin's office (it was our head, it was open - all conversation took place in open. Lapin asks V. Zelensky - "And you have a patent?" And Zelensky in reply "And at you?" And both pull out the patents for the same technical solution which are taken out in not really correct way (well any technical novelty) - and the actual author sits at a table in the neighboring room. And for what only money spent. Let's return to cake glazed cheese curds, to patents. In met the earliest description of curd cakes with a stuffing in books on technology of the end of the 1930th years. 2001 - 1937 = 63 years ago. And as it is possible to take out at the same time the patent when everything is in detail described even before war. Yes, then the primitive equipment was used, but the result was same. there also according to my offer almost just the same dosing station was made. Employees of Bakery No. 12 Shestakov, Zelensky, Averyanov arranged to themselves the patent for the dosing station, well and as usual there didn't include this author. And on Bakery No. 6 too the Chief Engineer Orlov and Lapin took out the patent for just the same station.

Хлебозавод № 12

Хлебозавод № 12

Хлебозавод № 6

Unfortunately, is closer to spring at owners of the line disagreements with owners of the plant have begun, and the decision to move the line on other dairy plant has been made. The Medynsky dairy plant, namely his cheese shop in the settlement of Kremenskoye was this plant.

For a start I have visited the cheese shop in Kremenskom for survey. Well and to solve where we will put the equipment.
Кременск Сырный цех

There was a beginning of summer. Or end of May. Weather stood magnificent. Places in the Kaluga region beautiful. The road from Moscow to Medyn across the territory of the Kaluga region picturesque. Especially if to go through Borovsk. From Borovsk to Kremenska Road runs through the forest area of hunting big economy.

Arrived to the Shop. It am presented to the foreman, I get acquainted. Of course a meeting for the foreman not in joy. That he was in this cheese shop an absolute master, and now there will be some people and it is unknown, what will be farther. The cheese shop in Kremensk of the Medynsky milk plant was built long ago. About 50 years ago likely. When we established the line for production of glazed cheese curds there, it was 2000, in the cheese shop brine cheese the Bukovina, processed smoked cheese, suluguni cheese, well and so still something on a trifle was made.
Сыр Буковинский
Сыр плавает в рассоле. Солевом.
Went to look on the shop. At this time there arrived the milk lorry for milk delivery. I stand at receiving scales. Receiving scales are the reservoir on 500 liters suspended on the weight mechanism. As soon as in it the pump from the milk lorry repumps 500 liters, the pump is switched off and milk merges in the big tank placed under scales. And then in weight reservoir from the milk lorry 500 liters are again repumped. But in this shop acceptance was performed with some features. The shop manager stood at the milk lorry, at the button of turning on of the pump, and the acceptance inspector at scales. Here scales were completely filled with milk. Milk begins to flow too much weight reservoir. Also continues to flow. The decent amount of excess milk flowed in a big tank. Then the acceptance inspector does a sign by a hand, and the shop manager switches off the pump. Milk from weight reservoir merges in a big tank and process repeats. Thus according to documents one amount of the accepted milk is put, and actually the shop accepted other, bigger amount of milk. From a difference it is already possible to make additional unaccounted products. Why that time they so accepted milk in case of my presence - thought I don't understand? I don't know. Interestingly - and how the delta shared? (The delta - unaccounted additional money.) Приемные весы молока
Not to confuse to Delta aviation company. By the way, my favourite aviation company. Somehow we flew with the wife from Honolulu to Tokyo flight of Delta airline. Flight went hour three. Carried drinks (wine red, white), to eat. And once again, passing by us, the stewardess obviously paid attention to unclear language on which we talked. She asked from where we. I speak - "Moscow". In reply the finest smile, and following words: "5 years ago my friend the Frenchwoman was in Moscow. So there it was pleasant to it" - And here that opinion of the Frenchwoman affected us as the most excellent servicing. And at the Tokyo airport when arranged landing to flight of Tokyo - Honolulu serving Delta airlines though we fly economy class met without reaching a front desk yet, helped to put suitcases on scales. Very good company. And wine in the house-keeper a class in principle how many you want also high-quality. And food decent. I somehow this company flew along a route Moscow - New York-Atlanta - Santiago-de-Chile. The plane from New York to Atlanta was late. And I on change to Atlanta had only 20 minutes, and that not less my suitcase departed from Atlanta to Chile with me. So not just like that I told all this about Delty. I flew to Chile this DELTA concerning curd cakes. :)Delta
Первый обед на рейсе Гонолулу - Токио:
Обед на рейсе Гонолулу - Токио
And again we in the Kaluga region. Kremensk. Inspected the shop. It is necessary to remove one cheese bathtub and to take out it from the shop. And on its place to put the line of production of glazed cheese curds. Of course the Shop manager is dissatisfied. But it in this case not the owner of this shop.  Here on the place of this cheese bathtub also delivered the line.
Кременск глазированные сырки
Кременское молочный завод
Кременск Сырный цех
Кременск. Сырный цех

A few days later, he called a team of installers with a crane from Kaluga, and in half a day the territory for new equipment was liberated in the workshop. Began installation. The first thing was to transport all the equipment from Kaluga to Medyn. The day before, everything that was part of the line in a large truck was loaded. And there were a lot of things, and also Mitrofanov's cooler here.

The installation of the line was reduced to laying electrical cables, installing a tank for burning glaze, laying pipes with water, well, and some other trifles.

About this time, I started the device Rheon KN 170 on a bread-baking complex "Serebryanny Bohr" that in Moscow. Here the task was - to increase productivity of this device twice. Production - gingerbreads with stuffing. The device was fixed on production of pseudo-scalded gingerbreads at once, and here with baking of gingerbreads it was necessary to spend a lot of time. On Serebryannн Bohr for baking of gingerbreads with stuffing the tunnel gas furnace with direct heating was used. And gingerbreads turned out such that they left stuffing from above, from below. And the first party after several weeks, stuffing grew mouldy. Nearly 2 months left on working off of technology. We read the separate page Пряник с начинкой.
Пряник с начинкой

Without moving away from a subject of gingerbreads - the following trip on start of Rheon KN 170 took place to the city of Sheksna, the Vologda region. There the same the device Rheon KN 170 for production of gingerbreads with stuffing was installed. Arrived with the workmate Sergey, cooked sugar syrup on the gas stove, kneaded gingerbread dough, showed where what to put. The town in which the shop to us something was located didn't lay down on soul, and took the train in the evening - and to Moscow.

Пряник с начинкой Вологда
Пряник с начинкой Вологда
Пряник с начинкой Вологда
Пряник с начинкой Вологда

It is necessary to notice that the devices Rheon KN 170 were at that time delivered to Russia in absolutely different ways. Not only through official dealers, but also directly through Poland, Bulgaria, and sometimes and directly from the USA. From the USA the devices Rheon KN 170 went on voltage of 220 Volts 3 phases. As that me was asked to start such device. But haven't told that he from the USA. Well has as usual arrived to Bakery. Business was on one of bakeries of kilometers for 300 from Moscow. Have unpacked the device, have established into place. The electrician was given a task to bring 380 Volts, three phases. I tell mechanics as the device is arranged. The mechanic has got competent. He was interested in the equipment. I have removed a back cover, have begun to tell purpose of various engines. In the course of an explanation I speak - and inside, behind an electric case there is a three-phase transformer from 380 Volts in 220 Volts. Also I put a hand there. And there is no transformer. My Yo-. It was necessary to resolve urgently an issue with the transformer. Then has already looked at the plate with characteristics - there it has been written about 220 Volts. So first of all it is necessary to watch at the plate that it is fastened in the lower part of Rheon KN 170. And sellers of the equipment should be more competent.

On the description of work in the Molokoinvest company I finish chapter 2 in which the short description was this as I was engaged in servicing of the extrusive devices Rheon KN 170.
Several photo of staff of the Molokoinvest company.


The following chapter No. 3 is devoted to production of cake glazed cheese curds on Dmitrovsky milk recombining plant. Chapter is called: "Curd cakes. Reon, Dmitrov".

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On this equipment, curd glazed cheeses were made many years ago - in the late 1950s.
Творожные глазированные сырки

But this is how they were done in the early 2000s.

Manufacture of curd glazed cheeses at Dmitrovsky dairy plant.

Творожный глазированный сырок Творожное

Творожный глазированный сырок Карандашок

Творожный глазированный сырок

Творожный глазированный сырок

Творожный глазированный сырок

Творожный глазированный сырок

Творожный глазированный сырок Съешка

Творожный глазированный сырок Сырный

Творожный глазированный сырок

Творожный глазированный сырок

Творожный глазированный сырок

Творожный глазированный сырок

Творожный глазированный сырок